The checkered history of Country Music Radio in Auckland New Zealand

TLC Radio now transmitting in Otahuhu
TLC Radio (The Little Country Radio) currently transmits on 100.2 FM from its base in Mt Richmond to the Otahuhu, Westfield, Penrose and Mt Richmond areas.
Broadcast begain October 1999.
It is planed to add additional stations around the Auckland region as finances permit.

was forced off the air 30 June 1998, when the Arotearoa Maori Radio Trust returned the frequency to the government

The Waikato Station closed down at midnight 30 April 1997 and the Auckland Station closed down at midnight 16 May 1997

FCM Newsletter April 2001

Friends of Country Music is an independent non profit, subscription funded organisation set up to keep people in touch with the wide world of country music. The group's other main aim is to examine options for re-establishing country music radio, in Auckland New Zealand, following the closure of FM Country after 6 years of broadcasting, on 16 May 1997, and then with YES-AM 603 having been forced off air on 30 June 1998. The group's focus is now on building a network of low powered transmitters located around the Auckland region. The first of these began transmission in October 1999.


In the expectation of an opportunity arising with the potential to return Country Music to the radio airwaves, Friends of Country Music is compiling a confidential register of people who may have an investment interest in such a venture.

If you would like to express an interest, please contact:

Friends of Country Music
PO Box 22-631, Otahuhu, Auckland 1133, New Zealand.
Tel: +64-25-98 5690
Fax: +64-9-276 9629

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By joining Friends of Country Music you can help re-establish Country Music Radio in Auckland, Waikato and eventually the whole of New Zealand

Contact us if you want to become a Friend of Country Music (Annual subscription $NZ35.00), or just want to show your support. We would also appreciate your Donation to help finance our campaign.

With your help then we can get Country Music back on the air in Auckland and Waikato.

Look what we have been awarded!

September 1997

Friends of Country Music
PO Box 22-631
Auckland 1133
New Zealand
Tel: +64-21-98 5690
Fax: +64-9-276 9629

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